As soon as the Covid-19 crisis hit the U.S., many businesses were brought to a staggering halt. Many were forced to work from home while those deemed 'non-essential' had many of their positions eliminated. However, in terms of essential workers, it seems that Wyoming has more than any other state.

Insurify researched the percentage of drivers in every state that's employed in an essential field and it seems that Wyoming has a higher percentage than any other state at 12.02 percent. That number is over one and a half times the national average (7.78 percent). To no one's surprise of those living in Wyoming, the most common essential job in the state is 'heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers'.

Following Wyoming on the list was Rhode Island, Maine, North Dakota, and West Virginia to round out the top five states with the highest percentage of essential workers, while the lowest percentage of essential workers is in Nevada.

So despite the fact that Wyoming has the smallest population overall, our state has the highest percentage of population of essential workers in the country. And of course, to all those working on the frontlines in not only Wyoming, but all around the U.S., thank you all for doing what you do!

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