If you've seen the forecast for the next couple of days in Wyoming, it may just be the perfect time to stay at home and embrace social distancing. Wind chills are expected to be near zero.

As if the significant drop off in temperatures expected wasn't enough, the wind chills for Sunday and Monday look pretty bleak.

As you can see for Cheyenne, a wind chill of value of zero is in the forecast for Sunday and then just 5 degrees above zero on Monday. The whole idea of staying inside sounds amazing for the next couple of days. Also, as the tweet says, please be sure to protect your pets and livestock from the cold temperatures.

According to the National Weather Service, as of right now, a Winter Weather Advisory from midnight tonight through 6 p.m. on Sunday (April 12th). Tonight, rain is expected to turn to snow with a low around 17. Wind gusts are also expected to reach around 35 mph. Snow is expected tomorrow with a high near 24, with winds reaching up to 30 mph.

This all actually makes for the perfect time for everyone to stay inside. Stay safe, everyone and keep washing your hands!

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