Video games have taken over the world and Nintendo has taken over Wyoming as the most played gaming system in the state, according to PCMag.

Evidently, Wyoming can relate to characters like Super Mario, the guy from Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong.  Gamers all across the country were asked what they liked more, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC games.  The majority of the country, 31% to be exact love the Xbox (27 states).  28% would rather have a Playstation (10 states), 21% prefers Nintendo (10 states) and 20% are into PC games (3 states).

The most popular age range for having a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo was 25 to 34.  The stats for PC gaming was all over the place in age range, but a majority was people over 35.

Which gaming device was your favorite as a kid?  Or even to this day?

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