It's been an unprecedented and trying year for many people financially throughout the country. Food insecurity was an issue prior to the pandemic with 35 million people not having access to an adequate food supply as hunger, poverty, and homelessness has affected many cities in the U.S. How much has it affected Cheyenne?

WalletHub recently released a list of the 'Neediest Cities in the U.S.' Several aspects were researched to determine each cities ranking on the list, which included over 180 cities in the U.S. Such factors included economic disadvantage such as child poverty, food insecurity, and uninsured rates. Two key determining factors also included 'economic well-being' and 'health & safety'. Using those determining factors, each city received a specific score that landed them at their ranking. Cheyenne ranked as the 155th neediest city in the U.S.

Cheyenne scored well in both 'economic well-being' and 'health & safety' at 164 and 129 respectively. The higher the number, the better off your city is. Detroit, MI finished at the top of the list as the neediest city in the country. Several other big cities finished as more needy than Cheyenne, such as Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, and many others.

As we talked about previously, Wyoming in general, is one of the most charitable states in the country. This also helped, given that Cheyenne wasn't anywhere near the neediest cities on the list. While there's always room for improvement, Cheyenne is certainly doing much better than most. For the full list, click here to see where other cities rank in comparison.

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