For reasons no one knows, a couple weeks ago, panic buyers began purchasing all the toilet paper they could fit in their carts so they can hoard it for themselves. One business thought of an idea to somewhat counter the TP hoarders of the world.

In Portland, Oregon, a pizza chain known as Pizza Schmizza came up with an interesting concept. You can order any size pizza for $15. And with each pizza order, you'll also receive a free roll of toilet paper. That's a really cool business promotion given what's happening in the world today.

Now imagine if local restaurants in the Cheyenne area did something like that. Let's take it further and go everywhere with it, given the fact that for whatever reason, hoarders are stealing toilet paper off shelves. That's helping out the community by not only giving you the service of food delivery, but also providing customers with something that's in high demand right now.

Or maybe it's not toilet paper, maybe it's something else in high demand like sanitizing wipes, paper towels, a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, etc. The list goes on and on. You get the idea.

And that business promotion idea is a double edged sword, since not only are they providing you delivery and potentially an essential item to your household, but you're helping their business survive in the local community during these times just by making your food purchase.

Maybe it's not a feasible idea. I don't know, I don't run a business, I work in radio. But in the times that we're in, it seemed like a decent idea to help people help each other instead of irrationally hoarding items that others might have an actual need for.

Also, stop hoarding items. Stay at home and remember to wash your hands. Have a great weekend, everyone! You got this!

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