Since the beginning of the pandemic, everyone has their questions. We still do and will for a while. But what have we been researching the most since the beginning of the pandemic?

According to the publication, Sykes, that used research based on Google Trends, they found what 'Coronavirus query' that every state has been searching the most since the start of the pandemic. In Wyoming, we've been Google searching 'coronavirus symptoms in kids'.

Six states total, including Wyoming, have also been typing that same thing in Google searches as well, so we're definitely not alone in helping to ensure that our kids stay safe. New York and Massachusetts were two more states worried about safety for their kids as they Googled 'kids and face masks' while people in Vermont inquired on Google about 'how to homeschool'.

The most popular topic searched for overall was related to work as nine states searched for topics related to work or the office. Several topics across the nation ranged from 'how to get tested for coronavirus' to the 'spread of coronavirus through water' to making your own hand sanitizer to 'dog parks and coronavirus'. Oregon had the idea of inquiring about giving blood during the pandemic.

You can find the full list of coronavirus-related topics by clicking the link here.

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