Wyoming gas prices are now averaging $4.09 a gallon for regular unleaded, according to the American Automobile Association.

Diesel prices are just under $5 per gallon at $4.91, according to Triple-A.

That's a little lower than the national average of $4.24 per gallon for regular unleaded and $5.10 for diesel, but gas in the Cowboy State is still far more expensive than it has been at any time in recent history. Are these high prices changing how you live your life?

For many Wyoming residents, long road trips for work, recreation, healthcare, and other destinations are just a fact of life.

Do you find yourself driving less these days?

Or is paying more at the pump more of an annoyance than a game-changer in your life?  Maybe you haven't felt any impact yet, but you are worried about the effects on Wyoming's tourism industry for things like Cheyenne Frontier Days?

Take our poll and let us know how gas prices are affecting your life!

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