While playing a marathon three-night stand at Morrison, Colo.'s Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the Avett Brothers’ Scott and Seth Avett brought out their dad, Jim Avett, to sing with the band. Together, Jim Avett and the Avett Brothers performed songs from their recently released gospel collaboration.

On July 9, during the last of the Avett Brothers' three Red Rocks concerts, Jim Avett joined his sons for the classic gospel hymns “Standing in the Need of Prayer” and “Take My Hand, Precious Lord;” readers can press play above and below to see the performances. Both songs appear on Avett's recently released album, For His Children and Ours, the followup to Jim Avett and Family's self-titled 2008 album. Scott and Seth Avett both appear on the record, along with their sister Bonnie.

“Gospel music is more than a genre with a unifying theme. In our case, it is a vehicle for spending time together,” says Seth Avett. “Truth be told, dad probably cared just as much about getting all of us together as he did about the album we were making. The recordings were certainly made with a lot of care, as we all genuinely love the old gospel songs, but I'm willing to bet my father would've recorded any kind of album if it meant a few sunny afternoons with all three of his children.”

In addition to their musical compatibility, the Avett brothers have, like pretty much everyone else, long relied on their father for good advice in navigating life and the music business. In an interview with CBS This Morning in 2016, the brothers shared the best piece of advice that Jim Avett ever gave them.

“He used to say, ‘No matter what you do, you’ll be the best at it,'” explains Scott Avett. “He said, ‘If you collect garbage for the city, there’s nothing wrong with that — just, you will be the best at it. Just be the best.'”

For His Children and Ours was released on May 12. Visit JimAvett.com for more information.

Watch the Avett Brothers + Jim Avett Sing "Take My Hand, Precious Lord"

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