When you meet a police officer on the street the last thing you think they will do is battle you in breakdancing.

There is a video making its rounds on the internet of 7-year-old Jayden Anthony having a breakdance battle with a Denver police officer on the 16th street Mall. The officer he is battling is Officer Thanarat Phuvapaisalkij, also known as PJ around the police dept. Pj told 4CBS Denver that it isn't uncommon for a kid to come up and ask for a picture with them. Jayden walked up this day and asked for a picture with the officer's motorcycle.

When approaching the bike Pj noticed the child do a freeze position like in breakdancing. So, Pj decided to show the young man he had a few moves of his own. Pj quickly learned that the 7-year-old had more moves than the freeze move he originally showed.

The two went back and forth before officer Pj talked to the young man and shook his hand.

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