The population data in Wyoming for 2019 has been released for cities and towns. Cheyenne's population grew by 0.6 percent while the state had an overall 0.2 percent increase, which comes after three consecutive years of state population decline.

Cheyenne's population increased by 400 to 64,235. The population increase finished in the top ten city increases by percentage in the state. Casper had the largest numerical population increase by 416 to 57,931, which is also an increase of 0.7 percent.

The largest percentage increase for any city or town in the state went to Bar Nunn with a 2.7 percent increase up to a total population of 2,812. Thermopolis had the largest percentage decrease in population as they went down -3.4 percent to 2,764 while the largest numerical decrease went to Rock Springs, down -274 to 22,653.

Overall, the state had an increase of 1,158 people which brings Wyoming's population to 578,759.

The full breakdown of the population data can be viewed here. The 2020 Census is still ongoing and can be filled out here.

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