America's truck drivers usually have some good tales from the road, some creepier than others. And, we came across one from Wyoming, that is just plain odd.

The wife of a truck driver posted to website "Thought Catalog," that her husband and his co-worker saw a very odd sight in the Wyoming sky.

She told the website "He's sleeping in the back as his partner is in Wyoming on the 80, middle of the night, full moon." She goes on to say "They stop somewhere because my husband has to pee. They both look up and it looks like there's another moon in the sky. He says it was bigger than the moon, pale white, and there were flames dancing around it.  It never moved, and they both stared at it for a while."

The same woman also reported that her husband has seen strange lights in the sky above Arizona.

This report was posted in 2014, but we're curious... does anyone have an explanation for what this may have been? Have you ever seen anything like it? Let us know in the comments or our Facebook page!

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