Due to recent increasing numbers due to the pandemic, a total of 15 states, along with Washington, D.C. are asking those traveling from Wyoming to quarantine for two weeks.

We're not exactly being singled out as some of those 15 states are requiring a much larger list of those outside their state to quarantine. For instance, Connecticut is asking 36 total states to quarantine for two weeks. Maine's list is even longer than that as they're asking people coming from 44 states (Wyoming included) to quarantine for two weeks as well.

According to the Cowboy State Daily, several other states have a variety of different numbers of states and sets of restrictions from several other spots around the country. For example, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are just asking some states to 'stay off the streets' for the next two weeks.

In Vermont, they require that visitors coming from states with more than 400 Covid-19 cases per 1 million must quarantine for 14 days. Wyoming's current rate is about 4,220 per 1 million.

However, some states that are not allowing travel from Wyoming without quarantine will accept a negative Covid-19 test that is taken within 72 hours of arrival in their state.

To make things less confusing, maybe just don't travel for a little bit for the time being. At least not to some places. But ultimately that's up to you. Stay safe out there, everyone!

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