To say that Luke Combs' meteoric rise to country music stardom happened quickly is a little bit of an understatement. Throughout the late 2010s, Combs transformed from a viral social media star into a bonafide country phenomenon.

Just one year after earning New Artist of the Year at the 2018 CMA Awards, Combs was crowned Male Vocalist of the Year. In 2020, he nabbed that trophy for the second year in a row, and also walked away with the CMA Award for Album of the Year for What You See Is What You Get. At next week's ACM Awards, he's again vying for both Entertainer of the Year and Male Artist of the Year.

What’s behind Combs' incredible ascent? A whole lot of great, relatable songs, ranging from crowd-pleasing, barn-burning party tunes to intensely emotional ballads. Keep reading for a look at some of the best songs from Combs' discography, so far.

This article was originally written by Amy McCarthy and amended by Lorie Liebig.

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    “One Number Away”

    From 'This One's for You' (2017)

    Combs is all up in his feelings in this heartfelt ballad, and that's a completely relatable feeling for anyone who’s ever almost drunk-dialed an ex. It's such a relatable feeling, in fact, that fans' obsession with this song propelled it to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

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    “Beer Can”

    From 'This One's for You' (2017)

    In case you didn’t get the memo: Combs likes beer. While he'd later tell fans that beer never broke his heart, this song from 2017’s This One’s for You is a working-man’s anthem all about the sheer joy of throwing back a few brews and enjoying the freedom of Friday night.

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    “Must’ve Never Met You”

    From 'This One's for You Too' (2018)

    In addition to being great at writing hard-partying tunes, Combs is stellar at turning out deeply emotional ballads, including “Must’ve Never Met You.” This breakup tune is packed with heartwrenching lyrics, the kind that are best screamed along with when you’re really going through it.

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    “What You See Is What You Get”

    From 'What You See Is What You Get' (2019)

    The title track of Combs’ wildly successful 2019 sophomore album, "What You See Is What You Get," is a perfect encapsulation of his good ol’ boy ethos. The song announces to the world that Combs is prone to “straight shootin’, beer drinkin’ and rule-breakin,” which is the exact kind of swagger that country fans love.

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    “Let the Moonshine”

    From 'The Way She Rides' EP (2016)

    A deep cut from Combs’ The Way She Rides EP, released in 2016, “Let the Moonshine” was an early indicator that Combs would eventually develop into the biggest new artist in country music. The song shows off his stunning vocals and knack for recording damn fine drinking songs -- and it's ridiculously catchy.

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    “She Got the Best of Me”

    From 'This One's for You Too' (2018)

    Combs originally released “She Got the Best of Me,” the song that would eventually become his fourth consecutive No. 1 single, while he was in college in 2014. After that, it became a fan favorite at Combs’ live shows, and was eventually released on the deluxe edition of his 2017 breakout album This One’s for You.

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    “Beer Never Broke My Heart”

    From 'The Prequel' EP (2019)

    Combs notched his sixth straight No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart with "Beer Never Broke My Heart," his sixth career single. The rollicking ode to the universal appeal and reliability of “longneck, ice-cold beer” is country music’s newest beer-drinking anthem, continuing the genre's long history of songs devoted to the sauce.

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    “Beautiful Crazy”

    From 'This One's for You Too' (2018)

    Co-written by Combs and released on the deluxe reissue of his 2017 album This One’s for You, “Beautiful Crazy” was a viral hit on social media long before its official debut. The song has been a major success for Combs following its true release, even winning him the Song of the Year trophy at the 2019 CMA Awards. Wanna get chills? Listen to the acoustic version.

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    From 'This One's for You' (2017)

    A grassroots sensation that sold tons of copies on iTunes when he independently released it, Combs’ debut single was also an immediate success on the Billboard charts following its official, major-label release. With "Hurricane," Combs hit No. 1 right out of the gate, earned multiple chart records and signaled that there was a big, new voice in Nashville worthy of attention. The song has since been certified three-times platinum, and remains one of Combs’ finest performances as both a vocalist and a songwriter.

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    “When It Rains It Pours”

    From 'This One's for You' (2017)

    "When It Rains It Pours" may be the funniest country song of the past decade. The No. 1 hit perfectly walks the line between tongue-in-cheek and catchy as it details finding good luck — including a scratch-off lottery win and a potential date with a Hooters waitress — after a breakup. It’s the exact kind of relatable anthem that's made Combs a star.

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