September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day. We wanted to help you with that by telling you the top five places to get a cheeseburger in Cheyenne according to Yelp.

  1. 2 Doors Down - Over 200 reviews and a four-star rating. They have a burger of the month that changes monthly and is worth trying every time it changes. Melanie from Flower Mound, TX wrote this review on Yelp, "Impressed! After stopping by a nearby restaurant and leaving before ordering, we came here... a little more than 2 Doors Down. So glad we left the other place. The burgers here were great, lots of variety, including veggie burgers and gluten-free buns. Huge steak fries were great, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. And they were bottomless...  not that we needed to ask for more; the serving size was huge. Above all, the service was fantastic!!! I can't say I've ever received better service... and it's not a Wyoming thing, because the "other" place that we walked out of... not good. If I lived here, I'd be a regular. Mary is the sweetest lady in all of Wyoming!"
  2. Luxury Diner- Over 350 reviews and a four-star rating. The Luxury Diner is great if you are looking for a nostalgia feel like part of the restaurant is an old train car. They are known for their breakfast and huge cinnamon rolls but don't forget about their burgers. Carl from Cheyenne had this to say on Yelp about their burgers, " burgers I've ever had and got to come to luxury dinner and try the Green Chile bacon burger."
  3. Wyoming's Rib and Chophouse- Over 500 reviews and a four-star rating. Although they are known for their ribs and steaks, burgers are another great item on their menu. Jill from Galveston, TX was here for the rodeo and stopped in for some food, this is what she had to say, " burger and steak we've ever had. If you are in Cheyenne, this place is a must. Friendly and prompt service and rodeo ambiance round out the delicious food for an overall excellent experience."
  4. Little America Hotel and Resort- Over 100 reviews and a three and a half star rating. Even though this place may be a hotel they want to make sure their guests eat the finest cuisine. They are well known for their brunches and the great food they prepare for events. Alberta from Kansas had this to say about Little America, "...the restaurant and food was fantastic. Loved the waiter.  The atmosphere was so relaxing and the decor amazing. I highly recommend this place for a stop."
  5. Village Inn- Just over 20 reviews and a three and a half star rating. After reading some reviews it looks like this place may be more well-known for its breakfast but evidently they have a pretty tasty burger as well. The All-World Double Cheeseburger is the one to get. Allanda from Brisbane, Australia had this to say about our American food, "...the food was very nice, but the service was amazing.  Absolutely the nicest waitress I have had since I arrived in America.  Michael (a delightful young lady named after an angel) deserves a gold star for excellence."

Those are your top five according to Yelp. Obviously there are more choices out there and you can decide which one you like the best. Where is your favorite place for a cheeseburger in Cheyenne?

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