Is it worth this price tag?

I don't know a single grownup out there who didn't want an epic treehouse as a kid. To me, it wasn't just about having a cool space, it was about having my space. I wanted a place that felt like my own, not one that was governed by my parents. A treehouse was a symbol of freedom, independence and adulthood.

Ugh, I wish I would have realized as a kid that being an adult isn't all its cracked up to be.

That being said, it's about time you got that treehouse. But rather than a small, cramped space teetering on some branches... how about this baby?

Valerie Skorka Westmark, RE/Max Alliance via Zillow

Is it attached to a tree? No. But does it sit up among the trees and is it made of trees? You betcha! Now it may be listed as a "campers cabin", but we see a treehouse.

It's also listed at a whopping $495,000.

Located in Bailey, Colorado, this treehouse doesn't have much to offer except a wow factor. It's 200 square feet with no bedrooms and no bathrooms. It's just one big space.

Valerie Skorka Westmark, RE/Max Alliance via Zillow

It also looks verrrry unfinished. There are no floors, it looks like the balcony is just a few planks, and there is no insulation in those walls.

But the vaulted ceiling, my gawd!

Valerie Skorka Westmark, RE/Max Alliance via Zillow

At least the windows and doors are finished out.

Not to mention, the views are spectacular.

Valerie Skorka Westmark, RE/Max Alliance via Zillow

And the best part is that you probably won't have any neighbors. According to the listing, the property is bordered on three sides by National Forest. It's also set back away from main roads as 4-wheel-drive will be needed to access it.

So, if you aren't afraid of a little Chip & Joanna Gaines finishing and you love some peace and quiet... this is right up your alley. Or should I say, right up your valley? Again, that view!

See the entire listing here.

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