'Longmire' is coming to an end, and if you weren't excited enough to see how it ends, these videos are sure to peak your interest even more!

Netflix announced the cancellation of the show, after the sixth season airs this fall. An episode guide of 10 shows was recently posted to IMDB, giving fans a sneak peak at the episode titles.

For those of you that just can't get enough of the Wyoming-based show, some very creative YouTuber's have spent a lot of time creating some 'Longmire' tribute videos. Check them out and let us know which you like best!

Mike Nixon created this one titled 'Build A Home'

Will Graham made this masterpiece set to Awolnation's 'Sail.'

Samantha Pfeiffer created this short one to 'Everybody Gets High' from Missio.

And, fans of Vic, will like this one specifically create by Katee Sackhoff Stuff


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