There's no March Madness this year, which is unfortunate for all sports fans. But despite the fact that the Pokes weren't able to qualify for this year's 'would-be' NCAA Tournament, their logo is doing quite well in another bracket.

On Twitter, College Sports Logos (@college_logos) has been running a March Madness tournament sports logos. As of today (March 28th), the Wyoming Cowboys logo has advanced to the Elite Eight in this year's March Madness for all college sports logos.

And now, the number two-seeded Wyoming Cowboys have a new matchup to potentially advance to the Final Four as they take on the nine-seeded San Jose State Spartans. You can cast your vote now exclusively on Twitter to help them advance.

So cast your vote for the Pokes and help them advance to the Final Four.

We could end up winning this whole thing. You never know what might happen during March Madness!

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