Winter travel in Wyoming is no joke. In fact, just ranked our state as THE worst place to drive in the winter.

After coming across that study, we decided to ask Wyoming residents which stretch of interstate they thought was the absolute worst. Keep in mind, this poll did not include any highways, just specific to interstates.

Here's how the poll results broke down...

  1. I-80 Cheyenne to Laramie 31%
  2. I-80 Laramie to Rawlins 30%
  3. I-80 Rawlins to Rock Springs 8%
  4. I-25 Cheyenne to Wheatland 8%
  5. I-80 Rock Springs to Evanston 7%
  6. I-25 Douglas to Casper 4%
  7. I-25 Wheatland to Douglas 4%
  8. I-90 Montana line to Buffalo 3%
  9. I-25 Casper to Buffalo 2%
  10. I-90 Buffalo to Gillette 1%
  11. I-90 Gillette to South Dakota line 1%


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