2020 has been absurd so far. Obviously there's been Covid-19, along with other tragedies. Then recently, there are Murder Hornets! What? Well, now there's something that might save us from them...a praying mantis.

If you happened to jump on Twitter yesterday, then you may be wondering, why was 'Praying Mantis' trending? Maybe, because it can devour all the murder hornets in a very savage and gory fashion.

Check out this video of what a praying mantis did to a murder hornet. Warning, it's quite graphic...

Alright, maybe you didn't think it was graphic, since we're all rooting for the praying mantis. Although, if you thought it was, it's nothing you haven't seen before on the National Geographic Channel. But isn't that awesome?! The praying mantis is here to save us all from the murder hornets. The praying mantis literally ate his face off and part of his brain.

Maybe we don't have to worry so much now. The praying mantes are in our corner. Now we know what to do when faced with a murder hornet. Get a praying mantis, they're your new best friend!

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