As we inch closer to Valentine's Day, one great thing about the day is that regardless of whether or not you celebrate the day with or without a significant other, we all enjoy one great thing, and that's the candy.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend about $2.4 billion on Valentine's candy this year. While everyone has their own preference as to what candy they love to indulge on for Valentine's Day, the online retailer had enough time on their hands to do some research and find out what the most popular Valentine's Day candy is in each state. It seems that in Wyoming, we have a thing for Chocolate Roses.

If you're someone who wants to follow suit and you're just that ambitious that you want to make your own Chocolate Roses, click here for a recipe to use.

In nearby Colorado, the most popular Valentine's Day candy is heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, which was the most popular in the country overall as a total of 19 states made that same pick. The only other state besides Wyoming to pick Chocolate Roses was Oregon.

That being said, there's a lot of great Valentine's Candy out there. Do you follow suit with Wyoming's pick, or do you have a particular favorite of your own?

Either way, have a fantastic Valentine's Day! And if you don't have plans for you and your significant other, you better get on it and make some, because you're running out of time!

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