We could probably go across each streaming platform and find out what the favorite show in each state is on each one, but that's a lot to go through and we're feeling lazy so we'll just do Netflix.

Recently the publication, Redbook, decided to find the most popular streamed show on Netflix in each state. In Wyoming, the most popular show on Netflix is 'Orange Is the New Black'. That's a pretty solid show to binge-watch, especially with, not only the assortment of each character in the large cast, but also the great job the show does developing each character.

The show has had seven seasons so far with its eighth and final season premiering on July 26th.

In Colorado, their favorite Netflix show is 'Unbelievable' and to our east in Nebraska, it's 'The Umbrella Academy', which I can definitely say are also both great choices. To the west, over in Utah, it's the fan favorite 'Stranger Things'. If nothing else, at least this part of the country seems to be quite diverse in its Netflix binging.

Happy binge-watching!

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