We all know that being in our region of Wyoming, as well as our relative closeness to certain spots in Colorado that we have a good selection of local craft brews as well as the brand name domestics, but what's Wyoming's most popular imported beer?

No one should really overthink this as it seems to be a very popular imported beer. It is in fact Corona. And no, despite the beer having such an unfortunate name for what's happened this year, you still can't get the Coronavirus from drinking Corona beer.

Of course, Wyoming wan't alone in its pick for the most popular imported beer. With us included, a total of 32 of the 50 states chose it as their favorite imported beer. Nearly two-thirds of the country seems to prefer Corona. Just 10 states picked the second place finisher, Modelo, as their favorite import, while eight states went with Guinness.

The results were found using Google Trends, which also showed what Wyoming's least favorite imported beer is. That title goes to Newcastle (which in my opinion, isn't bad at all). Also according to the study, at one point, Heineken was the most popular import throughout America, but that couldn't crack the top three in any state, which was Corona, Modelo, and Guinness across all 50 states, just obviously not in that order. Dos Equis was also near the top three in several states, but couldn't cut it as a favorite.

Regardless of whatever you prefer, this Friday, August 7th is International Beer Day, so celebrate accordingly, and as always, please drink responsibly!

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