I know. The title of this article isn't exactly the sexiest topic in the world...unless of course you're a botanist who's into really weird stuff. But upcoming September is National Houseplant Month. Who knew that was a thing? Luckily, we now know what Wyoming's favorite houseplant is.

We weren't exactly go-getters on this topic, but thankfully the great people at E-conolight were gracious enough to do the research for us to find out what the most popular houseplant is in each state. In Wyoming, the most popular house plant is the Dracaena.

Colorado and Washington also picked it as their favorite because they know what sexy houseplants look like. Aloe Vera seemed to be the most popular plant in the country as 15 states picked it as their favorite. Common Ivy was a favorite of eight states and African Violets were the most popular in six states. There were several other plants in the research and if you'd like to see the most popular of each state, you can find them at the link right here.

I'll be honest, I don't much about houseplants, or plants in general for that matter, aside from the fact that they give off oxygen, they need CO2 to live, something about photosynthesis, chlorophyll (more like bore-ophyll, right?), and Matt Damon was able to grown potatoes by using his own feces as soil in 'The Martian'. So I barely know if the pick above is a Dracaena plant. But it said it was on the internet, so it's gotta be true, right? Happy National Houseplant Month, everyone!

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