It's after Thanksgiving, so by all accounts, it's officially the holiday shopping season. Whether you've already purchased gifts on Black Friday or if you were busy getting all the deals on Cyber Monday, maybe you still need suggestions on what the most popular gifts are this year in Wyoming.

Our friends at Treetopia recently conducted a nationwide search through Google trends to find out just what exactly the most popular holiday gifts are for each state. The gifts were also divided up into specialty categories as well such as top entertainment gift, home gift, tech gift, beauty gift, health gift, and kid gift. As for the top overall gift for the state of Wyoming, it's a Bath Bomb! That makes sense. 2020 was a stressful year. Why not relax in a nice bath with a Bath Bomb?

In terms of all other categories of top gifts for Wyoming, they were as follows:

  • Top Entertainment Gift - Hulu
  • Top Home Gift - Shark Vacuum
  • Top Tech Gift - Camera
  • Top Beauty Gift - Peloton
  • Top Health Gift - Bath Bomb
  • Top Kid Gift - Baby Yoda Toy

So now you have an idea of what to get your Wyoming friends.

In terms of the top gifts nationally, an Amazon Echo and Bluetooth Speaker each had four states picking those, which was tied for the most for any item given the number of potential gift items, which is a lot.

Amazon Echo was also the overall top home gift while iPhones were the most popular for top tech gift. Dyson Hair Dryer edged out the title for top beauty gift as Home Gym Equipment was tops for the health gift category (definitely makes sense in a pandemic). Gift cards of streaming services earned the top overall entertainment gift. And the top Kid's gift are Legos! If you have kids, get ready to pretend the floor is lava considering that would probably hurt less than stepping on a lego.

If you take nothing else from this, just know that now, there's plenty of options for cool gifts for your holiday season regardless of where you are. Happy Holiday Shopping!

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