We've all had to use Google to look up something we're not to proud of at one time or another. There are probably lots of people out there that are scared someone's going to see their browser history at any moment. But what is Wyoming most embarrassed about having to search for?

Using Google Trends, our friends at Zippia researched what embarrassing thing each state Google'd more than anything else over the past year. By embarrassing, there's definitely a decent range for that based on just how strange, awkward, and shameful, among other descriptions, that it just might be. As for the result for Wyoming's most Google'd embarrassing search topic...casserole recipes?

That's it? Casserole recipes? It could've been so much worse. Unless I'm wrong and Wyomingites are for some reason really ashamed of having to look those up, we'll take that. For some other states, there was nowhere to hide on this one.

For instance, in Florida, it was the phrase, 'how do I get rid of a ghost?' Honestly, considering it's Florida, I expected much worse from them. In Kentucky, theirs was 'how to become a vampire'. We'll let that slide for them, Kentucky is just now going through their 'Twilight' movie and book phase. In Mississippi, their most embarrassing search is 'Is the earth round' and Indiana's was, 'How is baby made?' That's actually how they phrased it. It's very unfortunate the education system in Mississippi and Indiana has failed them horribly.

So we got off easy. I'll Google casserole recipes all day with no shame. I mean, I won't make them because I can't cook, but I'd definitely rather have that in my search browser history than Montana's 'Nick Nolte' (seriously, that was Montana's, just Nick Nolte). To take a look at the full list, check out the link here.

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