A cross with the name "Morgan" on it seems to be the site of a grave no one seems to know about, according to KGWN.

On August 12, 2019, a mysterious grave was found on private property off Highway 294. The current owners have no idea what it is and definitely did not do this themselves. There is a pile of rocks with a handmade metal cross at the head of the rocks like a gravestone. The cross not only has the name "Morgan" on it but it also has two sets of numbers. One set is "88" and the other is "03." The speculation is that those are the dates the person was born and then passed away.

The metal cross is also draped with a necklace, a ring that seems to be from a man's finger and then another ring that seems to be from a women's finger. With the wear and tear on the rings they seem to have been hanging on the cross for quite some time. Police dogs were brought out to investigate the scene and it seems that the dogs indicated that there were human remains under the rocks.

If you have any information on this grave, contact the Park County Sheriff's Office at 307-754-8700, 307-527-8700, or find Park County Sheriff's on Facebook.

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