Freddie Mercury and Lance Bass (those are the names of the flamingos) formed a special bond in 2014 and have been side by side ever since, according to MSN.

The zookeeper in charge of the flamingos is a huge music buff that's why the flamingos have the names they do. Other names are Slash, Santana, Hendrix, and Harry Styles. Freddie is about 50 years old and has been at the zoo since 1970. Lance was born at the zoo in 2001.

It became clear that these two had something special when they did everything together, including mating rituals (head flagging and marching). They also built a nest together.

Evidently, it is not uncommon for birds like flamingos to pair up with another flamingo of the same sex. However, what is uncommon is a Chilean flamingo (Lance) pairing up with an American Flamingo (Freddie). This is Freddie's first openly gay relationship, for a long time he was with a female flamingo. But flamingos aren't faithful if another flamingo blossoms or another comes along they split and move on (there are no hard feelings between the flamingos).

All the zookeepers knew it was official (one flamingo posted their relationship status on Facebook) when they gave the couple a fake egg and they both took turns keeping it warm. Back in 2015, the Denver Zoo had another gay flamingo couple and they actually raised a real egg and hatched a female flamingo.

Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury are not the only gay couple at the zoo, there is also a gay lorikeet couple.

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