For the last two years, little white bugs have invaded Wyoming, and we're starting to see a few again.

In September 2015, these little white moth-like bugs descended on northern Wyoming. A trip to Sheridan proved that to be true for me. There were millions upon millions, over every surface in town.

In the fall of 2016, the bugs seemed to migrate to Cheyenne. In fact, we captured some pretty nasty photos of them around the ANB Bank. 

After doing some research, and by "research," I mean Google, we came to the conclusion that they're called: Crambus whitmerellusWhitmer’s Grass-veneer, or easier to say… Sod Webworm Moths. 

Last night, August 14, I noticed a few of the bugs were back around my house.

Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media
Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media

We're yet to see if they'll be as bad as they were in September 2016, but be warned... the invasion may be coming!


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