Every state has a thing, even Wyoming. There's one thing that we can brag about above anyone else in the union and we'll take this one for sure.

When you think about it, 50 different statistics with one for each state is a lot for one particular statistic to have better than any other state, but it just so happens, that's the deal. The USA Today posted the list and there were a few that are different, maybe ours is too, but it works.

For instance, in Alaska, you're paid for living there, literally. Each resident this year earned $1.606 just for being a resident. In Hawaii, there's an 82.2 years of life expectancy. In Ohio, they've had seven presidents born in their state. For Wyoming, we have 4.1 million visitors per year to Yellowstone National Park. That's our big thing, which is actually a pretty big thing.

Considering we only have a little over 577,000 people, we still have over 4 million people coming here just to come to Yellowstone National Park each year. Not too shabby.

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