Stouffer's has revealed that they're coming out with a new way to serve your family mac and cheese: 'On Tap'.

If you've ever had a food craving and thought, "I could really go for some mac and cheese right now," then Stouffer's has you covered. They recently took to Twitter to show off their new idea that we can all get behind...

The 'Mac on Tap' dispenser will unload its own version of mac and cheese on demand.

While the new item that we would all love to have won't be available until some time later this year, Stouffer's is asking customers on social media where they would like to see it first. This could be a precursor to something that Stouffer's has in-store for 'National Mac & Cheese Day', which is July 14th.

It seems that some of the best things in life are always made better when they're served 'on tap'. Well played, Stouffer's, well played!

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