The creators of Comedy Central's 'South Park', Trey Parker and Matt Stone have collaborated with Peter Serafinowicz for their deepfake video satire 'Sassy Justice' and they've brought it to Cheyenne, WY.

The new video is hosted by Fred Sassy on a Cheyenne news station network. Throughout the video, Sassy does an interview with what 'appears' to be Al Gore while discussing the dangers of deepfakes. There's also a tyrannical owner of a dialysis center that closely resembles Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It's important to remember that while watching the video, deepfakes are videos that are manipulated with lookalikes who perform actions that didn't actually happen while also saying things they didn't actually say. Take a look.

Co-creator Trey Parker, who was physically altered to play Al Gore, said this about the deepfake video:

It really is this new form of animation for people like us, who like to construct things on a shot-by-shot level and have control over every single actor and voice. It’s a perfect medium for us.

Serafinowicz played the roles in the video of Donald Trump and Michael Caine.

Parker, Stone, and Serafinowicz had previously planned to collaborate on a film focusing on deepfake technology, but was scrapped at one point due to issues stemming from the pandemic.

It was certainly nice to see glimpses of Cheyenne show up as a backdrop. The video for 'Sassy Justice' was also promoted on a couple different mediums, including during CBS's broadcast of the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs from a couple weeks ago.

The promotion was extremely vague and didn't really explain much as to what 'Sassy Justice' is. Very typical coming from the co-creators of South Park. Well played.

So there it is. We now know what 'Sassy Justice' is and what role Cheyenne plays in its landscape. Kudos to the famed co-creators of South Park. along with Serafinowicz for the satirical video.

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