When I caught coverage of the Preakness Stakes horse race last weekend, I was expecting to see regal, beautiful creatures and sharply dressed millionaires.

What I saw: guys running across porta-potty's while others chucked beer cans at them. 

I've caught the triple crown races for over a decade and am not sure why I had never heard of this stupid tailgate idea before, but I was mesmerized. Partly at the sheer "dumbness" of it all, but also in part because of the athletic fortitude and remarkable concentration that it actually took racers to get from one side to the other.

Before you judge me, check out a few examples...

Okay, so we've established it's pretty stupid, but should we try it out in Wyoming?

I know where there's a perfect row of outhouses at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Or maybe, we could set it up at Wyoming football tailgates? Or just maybe, it should be a sanctioned official event. If thousands of people in this state show up for demolition derbies, they've gotta show up to watch a porta-potty run, right?

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