Black Tooth Brewery held a 'Trivia Night' on Monday (October 19th) as the theme was 'Serial Killers' and it was an absolute blast!

As a beer lover and a trivia lover, you really couldn't ask for much more than what Black Tooth Brewery in downtown Cheyenne provided Monday evening. It was the first trivia night at the brewery and as a participant, it couldn't have been more enjoyable. Black Tooth brewer Thomas and beertender Kelly hosted the event that is said to traditionally continue every other Monday evening.

The rules for the event were as follows:

  • 1 to 6 people per team
  • Follow the Cell Phone Honor System (no Googling)
  • Winners receive a $20 gift card to Black Tooth
  • Drink beer and have fun!

And lots of beer was drank and fun was definitely had. As for the trivia itself, I teamed up with Mat Murdock of the 101.9 KING-FM Morning Show and as knowledgeable as we were of the serial killer genre, the trivia competition made it seem as if we were in a fight to the death (no pun intended). We had a slight lead going into the last round before being topped due to some unfortunately tougher grade of questions getting the best of us. However, we finished 2nd overall and had a great time and some great beer, while displaying some expert tutelage of serial killers, both fictional and non-fictional (not exactly sure if that's a good thing).

Considering it was the first trivia night at Black Tooth, I'm certainly excited to experience more of what's to come, regardless of the trivia topics and or theme. For more info, check out the Black Tooth Facebook page.

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