A bill to regulate automobiles with automated driving systems [commonly referred to as "self-driving cars" ], has been filed for the upcoming session of the Wyoming Legislature.

You can read Senate File 16 here.

The bill is being sponsored by the Joint Transportation, Highways, and Military Affairs Committee of the Wyoming Legislature.

The bill would allow for the operation of self-driving cars in Wyoming provided the car is registered, meets federal and state guidelines for the operation of motor vehicles, and is equipped to stop at railroad crossings when required to do so. Human operators could oversee the operations of the vehicles as long as they have a driver's license.

The vehicles would also be required to have liability insurance coverage of $5,000,000.

The bill would also authorize the Wyoming Department of Transportation to require information about specific driverless car operation systems from anyone planning to operate such a vehicle in the Cowboy State.

A fiscal note attached to Senate File 16 says the financial impact of the bill becoming law in the state is "indeterminable" at this point. The fiscal note goes on to say

"This bill provides requirements for vehicles equipped with automated driving systems (ADS). For commercial vehicles equipped with ADS, the Department of Transportation (Department) shall promulgate rules and set fees to recover a proportionate share of the Department’s infrastructure and administrative expenses attributable to regulation of commercial vehicles equipped with ADS. Commercial vehicles equipped with ADS are also required to obtain an annual public safety communications system authorization and connection for an annual fee of $10,000. For any vehicle equipped with ADS, the Department also may assess an additional fee in an amount necessary to recover all reasonable costs incurred by the Department attributable to regulation and administration to accommodate the vehicles. It is unknown how many or when companies will register vehicles equipped with ADS."

The Wyoming Legislature is slated to convene in a 30-day budget session on Feb. 14.

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