Despite a 71% increase in tickets distributed to Cheyenne motorists for running red lights specifically, it appears there is still a big problem.

Early last year, we asked our readers how often they see vehicles running red lights in Cheyenne. An overwhelming 57% said they see them running "all of the time." 21% said just "sometimes," and only 3% said "never."

The Cheyenne Police Department thinks it's a problem too. After issuing 436 tickets for red light violations in 2015, they increased patrol and issued 749 tickets in 2016.

Despite the increased enforcement, people continue to run red lights and the department has made it a priority to decrease the number of red light crashes in 2017. - Cheyenne Police Department Facebook Page

Already in 2017, a police officer was involved in an accident in which a person ran a red light on E. 20th and Warren. Luckily, there were no injuries.


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