Chris Janson came into Cheyenne with an agenda, the agenda was to rock the house. His high energy was the perfect recipe to heat things up in Cheyenne for the evening.

The lucky fans of Cheyenne got to hear his new single before it hit radio, 'Good Vibes.'  There was plenty of good vibes happening last night.  Chris had amazing energy from the start of the show.  Things really picked up once one fan stood next to the stage with his two cans of beer, fist bumped Chris and the party really started.  Half the crowd rushed the stage and it turned into a party pit.   The 'Buy me a Boat' singer announced he will be releasing his third album in September of this year.

The Cheyenne crowd go a treat last night as Chris tickled the ivories on the piano as he played the Billy Joel classic, 'Piano Man.'  He rocked the harmonica all night long as well.  Chris also played songs off his new album that most people haven't heard, and songs that he wrote but hasn't produced yet because he is trying them out in front of live crowds first.

All in all, this guy is on his way to the top very quickly, he just needs to learn some new dance moves.

Chris Janson

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