He is a senior at Cheyenne East High school. He is described as a strong leader in East’s school community. Now he is the Laramie Country School District #1's student of the week for the week of December 2, 2019.

Raven Derr Lee is a hard-working, respectful student who is well-liked by his teachers. According to the Student of the Week nominating committee, Lee has overcome many challenges and always looks toward the future with a positive outlook of how he can make a difference in the world.

Shortgo reports that according to Col. Rod Peoples, Lee’s Air Force JROTC instructor, Lee has thrived in the program and has earned the Most Improved Cadet Award, Purple Heart Award, Military Order of Merit Award and he has also earned two JROTC coins.

“In addition to strong academics and ROTC leadership, Raven has become a skilled athlete in our cross country and indoor/outdoor track program,” East High guidance counselor Angela Schelhaas said n a statement. “He continually pushes himself to grow his skills and demonstrates grit and perseverance daily.”

Following graduation this spring, he intends to pursue a degree in journalism.

Source: Shortgo

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