The Wyoming Cowboys will head to Austin, TX in September 2023 to take on the Texas Longhorns and it's been announced how much money Wyoming is getting just for playing the game.

When the Pokes head to take on the Longhorns on September 16th, 2023, the Wyoming Cowboys will be entitled to $1.85 million just for playing in the game. The guaranteed payment is required to be paid off by January 30, 2024.

Texas and other 'Power five' schools are often required to pay a large sum to non-conference opponents who travel to play them. Louisiana Tech received $1.1 million for taking on the Longhorns in Austin last season. Texas will also be paying South Florida $1.9 million to play them in Austin in the upcoming season. Last season, despite playing at a neutral site inside NRG Stadium in Houston, the Longhorns paid Rice $1 million to play them.

The Wyoming Cowboys are 0-5 in their history of playing the Texas Longhorns. The last time the two schools played, the Longhorns won a decisive 37-17 game in 2012.

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