Sergio Saenz says when he and his wife stopped at a store in Alpine on October 28, he told her to go buy a winning ticket for the Cowboy Draw so that they could use the winnings to build their dream home.

His wife Griselda then proceeded to do exactly that, winning $794,109 dollars in the Wyoming Lottery's Cowboy Draw Jackpot contest.

Sergio says he and his wife were headed back home to Pinedale after a job in Idaho [the couple owns an oilfield service company]. After the couple had the conversation, she promptly purchased five Cowboy Draw lottery tickets, one of which happened to be the big winner.

While many lottery winners say they never expected to actually win big, Sergio is not typical in that regard. "I always thought we would win the money for a house," he said at an appearance at Wyoming Lottery Headquarters in Cheyenne on Monday afternoon.

Saenz said he and his wife had been buying Wyoming Lottery tickets for quite some time. Lottery officials say the Saenz's are the fourth Cowboy Draw Jackpot winners this year and 29th jackpot winners since the inception of the contest in 2015.

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