It hasn't been easy for anyone to cope with things happening in the world from the Covid-19 crisis. Social distancing has many working from home. A recent study showed that 25 percent of those working from home in Wyoming are drinking while on the job. did the research to find out how many people in each state that are currently working at home, due to the Covid-19 crisis, are having some drinks while getting work done.

With 25 percent of Wyoming residents working from home hitting the bottle, or the beer can, there's only one state that borders us that has a lower percentage. South Dakota is at 22 percent. As for the rest:

  • Idaho - 49 percent
  • Nebraska - 44 percent
  • Montana - 42 percent
  • Colorado - 38 percent
  • Utah - 29 percent

A poll was also taken to find out what the drink of choice was, and out of 3,000 American workers that were polled, the drink of choice turns out to be beer.

Hawaii also had the highest percentage of stay at home workers drinking while on the job at 67 percent, while Arkansas was the lowest at just 8 percent.

But back to that 25 percent for Wyoming. That has to be low, right? Maybe I'm just thinking out loud. It's okay, we won't tell your boss. But don't worry about that now, it's the weekend, have a drink, Cheers!

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