As of April 26, 22 percent of Laramie County residents were fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department.

That number does not include people who have received only one of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines.

The 22 percent puts Laramie County about in the middle of the pack for vaccination rates among Wyoming Counties. Teton County led the state with a 53 percent vaccination rate. At the other end of the spectrum were Campbell and Crook counties in northeastern Wyoming at 14 percent.

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The federal Department of Health and Human Services earlier this month said the eleven counties in the country that were most resistant to the idea of getting vaccinated were all in Wyoming, which was also the most hesitant state in the country. Those counties were  Johnson, Converse, Washakie, Crook, Niobrara, Weston, Natrona, Goshen, Campbell, Platte and Carbon counties.

In all of those counties, roughly 1/3 or so of people surveyed said they were hesitant to get the COVID vaccinations. Why people felt that way in those counties and what made the percentages of people apprehensive about getting the shots higher than in most of the rest of the country was not immediately clear.

The CLCHD published this post on the vaccination rates on Wednesday:

''As of Monday April 26th, these are the rates of fully vaccinated individuals per county.

Help Laramie County pull ahead to lead the state! Let friends and family know that free vaccinations are still available. More information on scheduling can be found at''

May be an image of text that says 'Park 28% Sheridan 28% Big Horn 21% Teton 53% Crook 14% Washakie 26% Campbell 14% Hot Springs 30% Johnson 26% Weston 20% Fremont 27% Sublette 20% Wyoming County Vaccination Percentages Numbers thepercentage opulation currently Natrona 24% Converse 19% Niobrara 19% Formoreifrmation, Lincoln 20% Uinta 23% Sweetwater 23% Platte 23% Carbon 26% Goshen 23% Albany 31% Laramie 22% CHEYENNE- LARAMIE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT'

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