Now that football is back both at the collegiate and professional level, some are really going out of their way to get the full game-day experience more than others. In fact, they've taken it to a whole new level with football scented candles.

A company known as Babe Wine is selling the football-themed scented candles and they're just as eccentric as you might think. The football scents are 'Hashtag Field Goal' (which smells like Artificial Astro-Turf), $18 Nachos (which I'm guessing smell like regular nachos at the game since that's about how much they are), and Jockstrap (seriously, what would you think that smells like?).

Imagine, you can have your entire home smelling like a football locker room. Way to show your dedication!...Seriously, what? Jockstrap? Why would anyone make a scented candle like that. If you like that smell, you have problems.

However, if you do want to purchase the football scented candles, you only have to fork over the low price of $69. So basically, $69 to have your home smell like a locker room. That. Is. Disgusting. But in case you're all about that or you have a jockstrap fetish, the link to purchase those candles is right here. Please think before you purchase.

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