One thing I've learned about Wyoming, is the smells are incredible. Good or bad (by Wyoming standards), they could be bottled up and sold for lots of money to the people that live in really stinky states.

Have you ever noticed that every person has a distinct smell about them? Maybe it's perfume, laundry detergent, sweat, B.O., smoke, bacon, oil, flowers, or whatever smell they have.

It's weird to think about, but now you'll start noticing it and associating a smell with certain people.

Wyoming is the same. There are smells that you associate with Wyoming and every time you smell it, whether you're in the state or not, you have Wyoming with you.

The smell of Wyoming (to me) is the smell of nature, mountain air, pine, horses, smoke from wood stoves, fresh snow, and the list could go on and on. Have you ever been to a big city and inhaled deeply? The smell of urine, smog and nastiness, is what you get.

When you come to Wyoming, the smell is so fresh, that it takes your body a little bit to adjust to the smells.

If you were to walk outside right now, inhale a deep breath through your nose, what would be the smell that you would describe?

For me, the best Wyoming smells during the winter is when the temperature is really cold, there's fresh snow and the neighbors are using their fireplace. The air is fresh, clean and crisp with the hint of smoke.

Now if you were to ask me in the spring, I'd say the smell right after a Wyoming rain, while in the mountains. The combination of pine, mud, and fresh air, almost burns a little...but it's a pleasant burn.

Summer smells in Wyoming are great too, little bit of sage mixed with air cooling down from the heat, a cold beer, add in a campfire and the smell of a steak cooking. WOW.

During the Fall when the leaves start changing, the smell of a light rain, mixed with the cool night air, pine whiskey, a cigar, and a fire.

These are a just few of my favorite Wyoming smells.

Never thought smells would make such an impact on me, but Wyoming smells are some of the best.

I know you'll have those that aren't a fan of Wyoming smells and will say,

  • ewww, why does it smell like rotten eggs
  • OMG it smells like horse manure
  • blech, I need a gas mask from the smell of wild animals
  • this state smells like a skunk

We don't really care what they think anyway, right?

There's a company called Homesick that has done their best to take the smells they think are associated with Wyoming, and put it in a candle. The thought is, they can give you what you're missing about Wyoming if you have to leave for a period of time or if aren't able to walk outside and inhale.

For $38 you can buy a candle called 'Wyoming' that is described to smell like:

Crisp winter air and roaring campfires. Views of the Teton Range while pine needles crunch underfoot. Scents of spice clove mix with rich cedar.


Wyoming Smell

Sounds pretty good to me, but personally, I'd rather just walk outside and take a big ol sniff.

To each his/her own.

If things are busy, you always hear people say 'don't forget to stop and smell the roses along the way'.

I say forget the roses and get out and smell what Wyoming has to offer.

What smells do you associate with Wyoming?

Shoot me a message and let me know yours.

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