A recent study showed that nearly 40 percent of beer drinkers are under the impression that you can get the Coronavirus from drinking Corona beer. Let's make this clear, you definitely can't!

The study was done by 5W Public Relations and showed that out of 737 American beer drinkers, 38 percent of them will not purchase Corona beer under any circumstances due to its 'association' with the Coronavirus. There is no association.

According to data trends provided by SEMrush, there's been a large increase in internet searches for either 'beer coronavirus' or 'corona beer virus' in past weeks. This is most likely due to the fact that either people are that dumb or they're just looking for the meme that's been passed around and think they'll snag some social media likes.

AB InBev, who brews and distributes Corona beer, is reporting that they've lost $170 million in profits in the first two months of 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Along with the 38 percent who no longer wish to drink Corona due to the absurd so-called association, the survey showed that 16 percent of the beer drinkers in America are confused as to whether Corona beer has anything to do with the Coronavirus. It doesn't.

There was also 14 percent that said they would not order a Corona in public and 4 percent said they would stop drinking it. Again, the beer has absolutely no connection to the virus.

So please, order your Corona. I don't even necessarily like drinking Corona, but I may just have to have one after writing this. Drink responsibly, everyone and remember, beers aren't viruses.

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