It's not every day that your City Chief Economic Development Officer gets featured in a promo for Under Armour, but that's exactly what happened for Cheyenne native and hopefully, a 2021 Olympian, Brendan Ames.

Brendan, a graduate of Cheyenne's Central High and the University of Southern California, not only has a background in real estate and marketing, which have helped him perform his current position as Cheyenne's first city chief economic development officer, but he also hopes to be a hurdler at the 2021 Olympics.

The caption for the inspiring video on Vimeo reads:

Brendan Ames is in his 15th season as a hurdler. That’s 5741 days of thinking about one thing: Going Faster. We follow Brendan as he prepares for one last attempt at living out his dream and representing the United States at the summer Olympics.

That's not too shabby for a guy that's been working for the City of Cheyenne since January 2019. Although it's been a minute since his stint at USC with the Trojans, you can see just how successful his collegiate career was in his bio.

Now we can't wait to see more from Ames and we hope Under Armour continues to follow the Cheyenne standout as we wish him all the best in his journey, hopefully not only competing but also winning in the 2021 Olympics.

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