Netflix finally stepped up to help its users disable a function that is possibly the most annoying feature on the entire streaming service. We're talking about Netflix's autoplay.

You've probably been scrolling through Netflix several times before when all of a sudden, and very obnoxiously, a preview for a show you've never seen starts to play. It's very intrusive to the entire experience of searching for your next binge watching experience. It's the autoplay for a show that you likely have no interest in, but now there's a way to opt out of it.

After many users have been leaving their feedback about the autoplay feature, Netflix is giving you the ability to disable the function in your account. And here's how you can do it, step-by-step:

  • Using your web browser, sign into your Netflix account
  • Click the profile photo you would like the change the settings and then choose the option, 'Manage Profiles'.
  • Select which profile you would like to disable the autoplay for. You will then see a section for autoplay controls (under your option for name, language, and parental controls.
  • Uncheck the 'Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices' box. (If you'd like for Netflix to stop Autoplay for the next episode in a series, you also have the option to uncheck that box)

Please note that Netflix has stated that once you've opted out of the Autoplay feature, there may be a slight delay before you are rid of that horrible inconvenience once and for all. Happy uninterrupted binge-watching!


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