Netflix has come up with a new feature to help assist you even further with the struggles of not knowing what show to is next on the list to binge-watch.

That feeling when you finish one show on Netflix only to find yourself stuck with so many options of what to watch next can be a tricky one. It can even get overwhelming with so much content, because yes, it's a lot. However, Netflix's new 'Top 10' feature allows you to see what's most popular on Netflix right now.

The new feature is on the homepage now and is updated everyday so you can always know what all the cool kids are watching. It gives the most definitive insight as to what is trending on Netflix better than the streaming network ever has, although it's not clear exactly how the ranking is determined exactly.

Regardless, you now have another option to choose from to help you choose from so many titles on Netflix. I've already used it at least twice in one Netflix sitting, and it hasn't stirred me wrong yet.

So the next time you find yourself struggling with what to watch next, just check out the Top 10 feature and at least you might get some assistance with what that next binge-watch may bring.

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