Keith Urban was impersonating an officer and threatening an employee at Shakers Gentleman's Club in Lincoln, Nebraska, according to KETV 7 ABC.

No, not that Keith Urban.The Keith Urban you know and love is happy at home with his wife and kids. This Keith Urban, however, is not.

Keith is a 26-year-old from Lincoln, Nebraska. He showed up to the strip club on Sunday evening/Monday morning with a pellet gun and claiming he was a police officer. Evidently, Keith was causing a disturbance in the club when an employee called the actual police on him.

Keith was approached by an employee in the parking lot, he claimed to be undercover, pulled out a Glock, stuck it to the man's stomach and asked for the manager.

During the time the employee went to get the manager Keith fled the scene and was later stopped and picked up due to a traffic stop. The police then found the pellet gun that looked like a Glock.

It looks like this Keith and the Real Keith Urban have more than just their name in common, they both spent time in the 'Back Of A Cop Car.'

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