Yesterday, all the teams were announced for the NCAA Basketball Tournament and Wyoming has Duke University winning it all, according to The Score.

Duke is the most favored team throughout the country to win, as 20 states have picked them to win the whole NCAA Tournament.  In second place is Gonzaga, nine states want them to win.  Zion Williamson, a freshman at Duke, is the biggest reason The Blue Devils are picked to win the whole thing.  Zion is one of the most sought after recruits in NCAA history for the NBA.  He took a nasty fall when Duke took on state rival the North Carolina Tar Heels, most people speculated Zion wouldn't return for this year and just focus on getting into the NBA.  Zion proved everyone wrong, came back and has been a force on the basketball court, making Duke the hottest team to watch in the NCAA Tournament.

Sadly, the Pokes are not in the tournament after having not so great of a year.  The last time the Cowboys were in the NCAA Tournament was in 2015 with their star athlete, Larry Nance Jr.

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