We've already seen our fair share of shortages in the spectacle that is the year 2020. And now McDonald's is having one for some very popular menu items.

The high demand on Spicy McNuggets since their release at McDonald's is causing a shortage of the product. And that's not even the only menu item that there's a shortage of. They're also running out of the newly released Chips Ahoy McFlurry as well as the Travis Scott meal (named for the rapper) which includes Quarter Pound burgers with cheese, bacon and lettuce, a Sprite, a side of fries and BBQ dipping sauce.

As mentioned, 2020 has already seen shortages of such things as toilet paper (for some stupid reason) and Dr. Pepper since it's a very tasty soft drink. But the Spicy McNuggets, which are really good by the way, is cause for concern because they've only been out a couple weeks and there's already a shortage. If I have anything to add as far as keeping items supplied is, please protect all the Spicy McChickens at all cost! And get your Spicy McNuggets while you can!

So now instead of people panic buying toilet paper, we're depriving each other of Spicy McNuggets and ice cream (the McFlurry). That last sentence seems perfectly reasonable when you realize that it's still 2020.

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